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UriLift - The Problem
In virtually every town and village with an entertainment district, indiscriminate urination is a serious social problem. On the one hand this is due to the lack of decent public toilets, and on the other hand the partygoers and clubbers take the easy option, relieving themselves indiscriminately in unacceptable places.

Nuisance and senseless violence
Retailers and local residents have to put up with the (odour) nuisance that indiscriminate urination produces. Buildings get damaged. And whoever confronts an offender about his behaviour risks provoking an aggressive reaction. More and more often, indiscriminate urination is a direct cause of senseless violence. As part of a zero-tolerance policy, law and order enforcers have their hands full simply issuing warnings or fines and preventing or calming the aggressive behaviour of offenders and passers-by. It is ultimately the local council that has to pick up the bill. Law and order enforcement, loss of goodwill and repairing damage all costs money.

Vicious circle
Enough public toilets would seem to be the solution to the problem. But where do you put them? They are a blot on the urban landscape, are disliked by retailers and local residents, need to be attended to and maintained and are a target for graffiti and vandals. What's more, they are there all the time. Even when they're not needed. And that's the problem!