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products - urilady - the problem


The UriLady is the logical continuation of the successful introduction of the revolutionary UriLift in the year 2000: a public semi-permanent urinal that is the ultimate answer to the persistent phenomenon of indiscriminate urination by men which plagues many entertainment districts and local councils.

An end to discrimination
The fact that indiscriminate urination is more a male phenomenon than a female one is not difficult to explain. However, it certainly doesn't mean that women have less need for a good facility – a hygienic and clean toilet that guarantees them the privacy they are looking for!

The UriLady- with revolutionary suspended toilet seat
The unique UriGenic toilet pan, a 'wok' with a suspended toilet seat, is the perfect solution for men and women. Since the toilet seat returns automatically to a vertical position after use, the unit can also be used by men as a urinal. Splashes on the seat are therefore a thing of the past. Naturally the unit is completely lockable so that the user can enjoy total privacy. It is also practical to use and exceptionally hygienic.

Completely hidden from view during the day thanks to unique hydraulic system
The entire toilet is made from stainless steel and is cylindrical in shape. It is so ingeniously designed that it disappears completely from view during the day by means of a clever hydraulic system.

Nuisance and senseless violence
Retailers and local residents have to put up with the (odour) nuisance that none or not enough public toilets produces. It is ultimately the local council that has to pick up the bill. Law and order enforcement, loss of goodwill and repairing damage all costs money.

Vicious circle
Enough public toilets would seem to be the solution to the problem. But where do you put them? They are a blot on the urban landscape, are disliked by retailers and local residents, need to be attended to and maintained and are a target for graffiti and vandals. What's more, they are there all the time. Even when they're not needed. And that's the problem!